After attending a Whole Hog Barbecue Series cook-off, it’s natural to ask:

  • Where can I get more tasty barbecue?
  • How can I learn to cook whole hog barbecue myself?

We’re committed to making this website a clearinghouse for all the info you’ll need. We’ll be updating this page regularly with tips for barbecue enthusiasts and backyard grillers.

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What’s the secret to cooking great pork?

This is not your daddy’s pork. Many people don’t know that the USDA now recommends cooking pork roasts, tenderloins, and chops to an internal temperature of 145 degrees, resulting in a flavorful, tender and juicy eating experience. Here’s a handy sheet with cooking temperatures for all the tasty cuts of pork.

How do I cook a whole hog?

The N.C. Pork Council has everything you’ll need to know about hosting the perfect pig pickin’ in one place – how much charcoal, gas, or wood you’ll need, cooking times, and some fantastic recipes for traditional side dishes. This flyer also contains some barbecue basics that every North Carolinian should know.

What are the best barbecue restaurants in North Carolina?

Our friends at the Great NC BBQ Map have developed the most comprehensive guide to the barbecue restaurants in our state. The map highlights whether the restaurant serves Eastern or Western style barbecue (or both), whether it’s cooking whole hogs or shoulders, and other important facts.